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Snake Plant
Potting Services

In Store Potting Services

Bring your plant and your new pot and let us make all the mess.

We have a variety of services to fit your needs and can accommodate

most project sizes.

Repot fee
$2.00 per inch - based on the diameter of the opening of the new planter up to 10 inch pot. So basically if your pot is 10" wide it will be 10 x 2.00 = $20.00 for the re-pot fee.


Over 10" pot size $3.00 per inch (of New Pot)

Specialty Repot with moss pole, Bonsai, Orchid, Exotics Plants etc.

price may vary.

We charge per quart of soil used to repot your plant. See our soil by the quart pricing below.

Plant Stella Mix: $12/ qt

Aroid Mix: $15/ qt

Succulent Mix: $15/ qt

Leca: $15​ / bag

As always, if you buy plant and planter from us we repot for FREE at no cost of the the day you purchase.

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